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Hey there,

My name’s Ste, i’m 26 years old and born and raised in the beautiful industrial town of Barrow-in-Furness.

Design Background

As a self-taught designer, i’ve been creating digitally since the age of around 11, doing my first paid design work as a freelancer at 13 years old, picking up outsourced work from design agencies around the world. In 2010, I entered and won the Barrow “Young Graphic Designer Of The Year” competition, run by the Rotary Club of Furness and Red Abbey, a local design agency. Having won the competition, I was offered a job with Red Abbey, and started my professional design career. I worked at Red Abbey for a number of years as a website designer, before joining Fingerprints as a Print and Graphic Designer, working more in the branding and advertising sector.

Graphic Designer to Paramedic

Having spent a few years at Fingerprints, I found the full time, business-like nature was leading me to lose the fun and passion for design. I left the sector all together for a career change, and am currently two months from completing a degree in Paramedicine and registering as a Paramedic.

Back to Designing

During my time as a student, I’ve been doing little bits of freelance design work again, mostly to help out friends or through word of mouth, and found the love of designing again. Without the expensive overheads or need to keep managers happy, I’ve been able to create and design freely, and loved being able to help clients on a small, personal and affordable level.


I’m experienced in all aspects of website design and development, from conception to completion. I also have a background in advertising and branding consultation, so whether it’s a brand new concept you need branding for, a website for your existing company, advertising, or all of the above, I can hopefully be of service!

Anything else you want to know, give me a shout!



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